Luxury brands join forces

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le-salon-du-chocolatFor the first ever UK Salon du Chocolat in London (18-20 October), master chocolatier Marc Demarquette and award-winning English heritage milliner Vivien Sheriff have teamed up to create a show-stopping bespoke headpiece that reflects the sensual fluidity, form and movement of artisanal chocolate making.

Worn by British Royalty and many celebrated heads, Vivien Sheriff bespoke pieces are recognised for their unique feathering and exquisite beauty. Similarly, Marc Demarquette is renowned the world over for his unique talent for creating luxury chocolates with delectable flavour combinations and quintessentially British chocolate collections that are both visually stunning and exquisite in taste.

The relationship between Vivien Sheriff and Demarquette is a natural marriage of artesian skills with a shared passion for melding traditional practice with contemporary flair. When both companies were selected as ‘2012 British Luxury Brands of Tomorrow’ by The Walpole, it was only a matter of time that the fusion of luxury milliner and master chocolatier would materialise.

The stunning masterpiece, which merges haute couture millinery with finest British artisanal chocolate indulgence, will be shown at the inaugural Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show on 18 October at Olympia, London.

Vivien Sheriff said: “Having a team of creatives from a variety of disciplines allows us to be really inventive and exploratory with our designs and use of materials. Collaborations provide a great opportunity for us to really show off the team’s creative flair; so when luxury chocolatier Demarquette invited us to partner on a show stopping piece for Salon Du Chocolat London, we couldn’t wait to get started, test out our ideas and celebrate the true artisanship of British millinery & confectionery in such a unique & exciting way“.

Marc Demarquette added: “Vivien Sheriff signature headpieces epitomise unique sculptural form and meticulous hand detailing. Adding chocolate into the mix offers a tasty dimension and I am very excited to take our creativity to new heights.”

Source: Confectionery Production