Cargill’s Chocolatier’s Workshop® helps confectioners build successful businesses

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cargill-logoThe three-day, hands-on seminar melds confectionery making with the business basics.

Cargill, owner of Wilbur® chocolate and Peter’s® chocolate, has announced it will offer its fifteenth session of The Chocolatier’s Workshop September 23-25, 2013, to help confectioners and chocolatiers build and operate successful businesses. The session will be held in Lititz, Pa.

The Chocolatier’s Workshop is beneficial for anyone working in the confectionery industry: those just beginning, those who need a refresher, or those in need of a few good ideas.

Tom and Debra Ocasio who own The Chocolate Lounge in Long Branch, New Jersey, are recent participants. Tom said, “As a retail chocolate and dessert shop owner for the last eight years my wife Debra and I wanted to believe we had it all figured out. Then we attended The Chocolatier’s Workshop and the amount of knowledge and expertise we received from the staff as well as other workshop participants was priceless.”

“We left the workshop with not only confirmation that our business was headed in the right direction, but also a new found wealth of knowledge to move our business forward in the future,” added Tom. “I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking of entering the chocolate world for the first time or an experienced business owner just looking to regain that spark that started them on their chocolate journey.”

The Chocolatier’s Workshop is an interactive, three-day seminar that focuses on opening and operating a successful confectionery business:

  • Day One: The first day focuses on creating a successful confectionery business: selecting a site location, determining the proper product mix, purchasing the correct equipment, choosing appropriate packaging, and launching a successful brand identity.
  • Day Two: The focus of the second day is on teaching attendees how to manage their business: marketing, advertising, and promoting the brand, the legal and operational landscape of business and who to contact to help navigate it.
  • Day Three: The final day is spent in Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate product development laboratory. Participants will learn the theory of tempering chocolate and then utilize the lab to test each method and will gain a broader understanding of making confections through hands-on practice making clusters, moulded truffles, rolled truffles, and solid pieces.

The Chocolatier’s Workshop is limited to 10 participants who meet the workshop qualifications. Please contact Heather Stierly at 717-626-3246 or e-mail to register or for more information.