ADM launches deZaan Gourmet chocolate line

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ADM-cocoa-logoMore than 22 premium chocolate products to debut in the United States.

Following a successful launch in Asia, ADM Cocoa announced it is rolling out its new deZaan Gourmet line of premium chocolate products in the United States.

The exclusive range, which “combines legacy and modernity and inspires artisan chefs and craftsmen,” features 22 individual products, including dark and milk couvertures, white chocolate, cocoa powders, cocoa butter, compound coatings made with non-hydrogenated fats and service products.

Drawing upon more than 100 years of rich heritage, tradition and knowledge of cocoa, the company emphasized its complete control of the deZaan Gourmet line — from bean selection through production —thus ensuring the best quality ingredients.

Using only “fragrant cocoa beans from Ecuador and Ghana” as well as 100 percent pure cocoa butter and natural bourbon vanilla, the bulk of the line’s products is produced in Belgium, with the entire range processed in Europe.

“Following deZaan Gourmet’s successful launch in 2012 throughout strategic markets in Asia, I am proud to introduce this exciting brand to the American gourmet market alongside a great team of professionals led by Philippe Tytgat, that is highly respected for their loyalty, knowledge and professionalism in the industry,” says Benoit Villers, vice president, deZaan Gourmet.

“Our products bring craftsmen and chefs an excellent range of products that are easy to work with, while delivering an excellent price-quality ratio,” he adds. “Additionally, we know that a loyal collaboration with our partners and distributors is key to the success of deZaan Gourmet.”

The company also points out that its deZaan Gourmet line reflects ADM Cocoa’s commitment to sustainable cocoa growing practices. Its flagship program, Socially and Environmentally Responsible Agricultural Practices(S.E.R.A.P.), provides training and financial incentives to help cocoa farmers implement sustainable farming practices.

The Responsible Cocoa logo ensures that the cocoa was produced using the best practices for cocoa farming communities.

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