Cargill helps educate kids on food safety

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cargill-logoCargill is sponsoring the Partnerships for Food Safety Education’s newly launched “Perfect Picnic” iPhone game for kids and an outreach initiative designed to help kids ages 8-11 learn how to safely handle and prepare food.

According to the CDC, nearly half of all foodborne illnesses occur in children under 15. With two-thirds of all kids preparing meals in the kitchen at least once a week, the initiative aims to help people improve their community’s health and safety.

A recently released package of ready-to-use materials seeks to engage kids in learning about preventing food poisoning.  The two featured products are a free iPhone game and Education Guide which are available online at the Partnership for Food Safety Education website. The iPhone “Perfect Picnic!” game encouraged players to build and improve a town picnic park by making sure their visitors have easy access to supplies for a delicious and safe cookout. The “Fight BAC! At Picnic Park” educator’s guide offers parents and teachers advice on summer food safety and includes a PowerPoint presentation, activity sheets, quizzes, posters and other materials.