Out of the blue

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GummieBearsArguably one of the most prevalent uses of blue colour in food products is within sugar confectionery applications, this can be blue gums/jellies, marshmallows, high boilings, extruded laces, the list is almost endless and the applications both in terms of technological and process considerations are quite varied as is the actual shade of blue required.

The colour blue can also be used to achieve specific flavour associations or alternatively it can be used as an eye catcher or simply to complete the rainbow of colours associated with many confectionery product lines.

In the specific case of blue, as with any other colour shade, the consumer seeks to avoid any artificial colour.

Exberry Colouring Foods from GNT are food ingredients produced from edible raw materials using physical processes and water. This product allows for bright visually appealing blue shades in hard boiled candies, chewy toffees, dragees, gums and jellies to name just a few. There is almost no limitation when using Exberry Colouring Foods even considering the challenges of processing temperatures and pressures, high solid levels and long shelf life expectation.

Source: Confectionery Production