Oh Crumbs

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crumbs-mcvitiesAfter 88 years of success, McVitie’s has made the mistake of changing the recipe of one of Britain’s best loved biscuits. The company has adapted the recipe to create a digestive containing more chocolate.

A spokesperson from McVities’s claims that the recipe was only altered to include 3% more chocolate and make the coating more even. The biscuit base has not been changed. The packaging now carries the statement  ‘now with more chocolate’

To find out if the new version of McVities chocolate digestives is as good as the old, Which put the new ‘even more chocolatey’ digestives head-to-head with the original in a taste test. The results showed that 19 out of 30 tasters preferred the original, with many people stating that the product lacks its usual crunch.

Source: Sweets and Snacks Europe