Chocolatier Duc d’O renews packaging

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Duc-dO_truffel_melk_0029-200x122Belgian chocolatier Duc d’O, the biggest producer of flaked chocolate truffles in the world, renews its brand following extensive consumer research. Result: a striking new look & feel and clear positioning, sure to catch attention in retail points of sale.

The new brand positioning ‘Untamed Delicacy’ is based on the contrast of a truffle: the rough exterior in combination with a smooth and delicious interior, and the knowledge that a truffle is a unique, artisanal piece. The new logo and packaging were changed in line with the positioning and now also breathe craftsmanship, a certain wildness reflecting the chocolate flakes, while remaining sophisticated.

Each box of Duc d’O chocolate truffles has a handmade touch to it, making no two packages of Duc d’O truffles ever completely the same: a piece of rough straw and a wax seal closing the package, and a hand-written label. Another aspect making the Duc d’O chocolate truffles a real unique piece is their texture: Duc d’O has a special, secret recipe to make the chocolate filling creamy but also light and airy.

The Belgian chocolatier now aims to increase its presence in points of sale with this new appearance.

Source: Sweets and Snacks Europe