ISM visitors are offered a sneak preview at Barry Callebaut’s brand new Decoration Inspiration Lab

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ismAt the ISM trade exhibition, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, introduces its new ‘Decoration Inspiration Lab’, which will officially open its doors in Zundert in the Netherlands on February 7, 2013. It translates Barry Callebaut’s tireless search for innovation and offers customers a trendy, specialized environment to create endless variations of concepts with its decorations and products.

Center of expertise at the heart of Barry Callebaut’s decoration business
Even though the Decoration Inspiration Lab will only open its doors on February 7, ISM visitors will get an exclusive introduction to its concept: at Barry Callebaut’s booth, Dutchman Jurgen Koens, Technical Advisor Decorations at Barry Callebaut, will give a preview of what can be expected at the Decoration Inspiration Lab.

Building on his experience in the decoration and industrial food business, Jurgen Koens will take charge of the Decoration Inspiration Lab, which is to become a center for developing new products and for testing new concepts. The Decoration Inspiration Lab will present Barry Callebaut’s decoration range in all shapes, colors, textures, designs, applications and tastes, allowing customers to identify their ideal tailored decoration. Marzipan decorations are just one example of how to personalize a finished product: small, thin and crunchy plates of sugar and almond powder, adding an element of fun to any food application. They can be printed with any decor (e.g. seasonal, personalized, branded, story-telling,…) and can be cut into any desired shape.

At the ISM, customers will receive Jurgen Koen’s professional explanations regarding the possibilities of Barry Callebaut’s decoration range, while being encouraged to test different products – such as the Marzipan decorations – in order to discover their personalization potential. This experience is meant to duplicate, be it on a smaller scale, what will take place in the Decoration Inspiration Lab in the Netherlands from February 7 onwards.

The Decoration Inspiration Lab is one of the very concrete answers Barry Callebaut offers to the six insights it presents at the ISM, such as the growing demand for personalization as well as top-notch quality.

A unique personalized service leading to an endless array of possibilities
“At Barry Callebaut we are determined to continue tailoring our products and innovations to the specific needs of our customers. The Decoration Inspiration Lab will be an important source of further differentiation. Through a unique interplay with our customers, based on our already vast range of decorations and the advice of our team professionals, they will be enabled to create customized decoration application ideas” says Patrick Hautphenne, Vice President Specialties & Decorations at Barry Callebaut. “We see an endless array of possibilities, which will serve as a driving force for Barry Callebaut’s ambitious plans to exponentially grow the decoration business in Europe.”