Crème egg launches its fling-tatious personality

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Cadbury_Creme_EggCadbury Creme Egg has returned with an integrated marketing campaign encouraging people to be impulsive and have a fling with Creme Egg during this year’s Creme Egg season, which ends 31 March.

The multimillion campaign, created by Fallon London spans TV advertising, digital and PR and highlights how Creme Egg’s limited season ignites some intense passions in people and invites fans to get their fix of their favourite Easter treat while they still can.

Five tongue-in-cheek, ten second TV ads depict a series of people showing their passion for Creme Egg and engaging in a little bit of romance with the brand while their flings last.

In one spot, a young man gives his reflection in a mirror a pep talk as he prepares to go out on the pull, in another, a girl is castigated by a friend for having a fling that she knows won’t last.

Other executions comprise a man sweet-talking an egg in the back of a rented limo, an earnest amateur artist who just wants to sketch his inamorata, and a romantic dinner for two.

Commenting on the activity, Cadbury Creme Egg brand manager, Stephanie Sarantakos, says, “This year will see Creme Egg return to its more playful side as we celebrate the nation’s favourite Easter treat. Due to its limited availability, we want to encourage fans to act spontaneously, give into their cravings and enjoy that moment of passion during the Cadbury Creme Egg season – it won’t last forever.”

Source: Sweets and Snacks Europe