Nestlé opens first Mövenpick ice cream boutique in Russia

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Ice cream lovers in Russia can indulge their passion at a new restaurant that includes their favourite frozen treat in every starter, main course and dessert on the menu.

Nestlé’s first-ever Mövenpick ice creamboutique in the country offers unusual culinary creations such as mushroom cream soup with maple walnut ice cream, truffle oil and mushroom chips, and a salad of fresh and caramelised pear, goat’s cheese, pear sorbet and mix of greens with south-east Asian seasoning.

A variety of other salads, soups and hot meals are available alongside desserts, milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails at the boutique in Moscow.

Consumers can enjoy more than 30 different flavours of Mövenpick ice creams and sorbets including ‘Swiss chocolate’, ‘pistachio’ and ‘strawberry and raspberry’, to be eaten inside or taken away.

“Through our boutiques, we can show people how ice cream can not only be enjoyed on its own as a dessert, but also as the starting point for many different recipes,” says Andrea Zambelli, chief executive officer of Mövenpick ice cream.

Mövenpick ice cream was originally produced in Switzerland in the 1960s for fine-dining restaurants, so it has a very strong gastronomic heritage.

“The attention to detail we put into creating each flavour, and the lengths we go to source exactly the right natural ingredients from across the globe, reflect our Swiss roots and reputation for quality and perfection.”

Russia is the Mövenpick ice cream brand’s second biggest market worldwide after Switzerland.

“Consumers in Russia are particularly fond of creamy, whipped ice cream with pieces of chocolate or nuts,” says Zambelli.

“We are offering people the opportunity to try new flavours of ice cream while enjoying an experience of eating it they can’t have anywhere else.”

The boutique in Moscow is the only place in Russia where consumers can try certain Mövenpick ice cream flavours that are not available to buy from retailers.

“We have dedicated ranges of ice cream for retailers and for restaurants,” Zambelli explains.

“Chefs often prefer to work with simpler flavours they can add other tastes to, while consumers generally like to buy more complex combinations.

“Visitors to the boutique can sample both. There will also be opportunities for them to watch how the chef assembles different dishes,” she added.

Nestlé opened its first Mövenpick ice cream boutique in Zurich in Switzerland in 2004. It now has two more in the country, in Lausanne and Geneva.

The company has several boutiques in Australia and in a variety of other countries worldwide.

Nestlé acquired the Mövenpick ice cream brand in 2003.

It is now sold in more than 30 countries worldwide including China, Egypt, Finland, France, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Mövenpick’s ‘Maître Glaciers’, a team of ice cream experts based at the brand’s research centre in Switzerland, are responsible for inventing each new flavour.

In recent years, these have included Asian black leaf lychee and rose, Provence lavender honey and violet, white chocolate and Tasmanian pepper, and double cream and meringues.

Source: Sweets & Snacks Europe