Acrylamide-preventing yeast gains GRAS status

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Functional Technologies Corp. has been granted GRAS status for its proprietary acrylamide-preventing yeast strains for use in food and beverage applications.

According to the company, the acrylamide-preventing yeast strains will significantly and efficiently minimize acrylamide in the manufacturing of multiple product categories, including bread, baked goods, snack food and cereals. The strains reduces asparagine on contact leaving little left to be converted into acrylamide with the application of baking, frying and toasting. The strains also offer 90% reductions in acrylamide in baked bread and products.

“Acrylamide mitigation is an ongoing challenge for many food and beverage products. The introduction of this proprietary yeast offers a unique approach for reducing acrylamide and will help food and beverage manufacturers with the challenge,” said Carlos Barroso, a senior global food industry veteran and a member of Functional Technologies’ advisory board.

Source: Food product design