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Caluwé Artisan shifts entire production to Barry Callebaut’s sustainable single origin Cameroon chocolate

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Since 1968, the Caluwé family has been producing chocolates of the highest quality in Belgium. Only the finest raw materials are used and combined with passion and attention to detail to ensure consistent quality. By switching its entire production to Barry Callebaut’s Cameroon chocolate, Caluwé Artisan acknowledges the possibilities of this superb origin chocolate, while at the same time continuing its many years’ production in a sustainable way.


The true cost of eggs

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Cake manufacturers could save more than €1 million a year by replacing just half of the eggs they use with egg replacers, according to a new calculator developed by Arla Foods Ingredients.


The evolution of packaging controls

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Improving the effectiveness of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) by developing a standardized approach to the design of operator interface screens and the content displayed on packaging lines, plus increased access to diagnostic information, has become a priority for a leading packaging industry technology group.


All Things Baking 2012

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All Things Baking is making an impact with progressive bakers, pastry chefs, cake artists, chocolatiers, restaurant managers, bakery directors and more. High-energy and idea-filled, this Innovative retail trade event offers unmatched education, participatory demonstrations and the full scope of new products and services to help retail culinary professionals keep their businesses competitive, profitable and on top of the trends. ATB is supported by the Retail Bakers of America, the American Bakers Association and BEMA.


Twice the Vice Spirited Chocolates

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Add the food of the gods, cacao, to the water of life, booze, and you’ve got Twice the Vice spirited chocolates. A box holds nine chocolate-enrobed, liquor-filled morsels that are available in a variety of spirit themes including a fine tequila and a kentucky bourbon series. While we’re sure all of their delightful boxes are worth a try, the Single Malt collection is the highlight of Twice the Vice’s series of high octane bonbons. Inside you’ll find a trio of The Macallan 12 year: thought by many to be the best of that vintage and silky smooth, The Glenlivet 15 year old: fruity, floral, soft and rich with oak and vanilla, and from the Islay region, the Lagavulin: a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty beast not for the faint of heart. Matched with the incomparable rich velvet of Belgium’s Barry Callebaut chocolate, they’re reason enough to revive trick-or-treating for adults, in our book.


Mars celebrates 80th anniversary

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Mars Chocolate UK is celebrating its 80th year in the UK.

The Mars story began in the UK in 1932 when Forrest E Mars, Sr, moved to the UK with money ‘in his back pocket’ to set up a new business and the recipe for his family’s Milky Way bar that had already proven to be a huge success in his native US.


Cupcake sales stronger than ever

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Cupcakes have gained momentum in the bakery department, with a sales increase of 56 percent in the last five years. While cupcakes hold the third highest dollar share within the cakes category (behind decorated cakes and dessert cakes), cupcake performance drove category growth in the 52 weeks ending May 26, 2012, with a 17.1 percent dollar sales increase compared to the previous year. Cupcakes also continue to gain dollar share within the cakes category, up 1.3 percent, while decorated cakes lost 1.4 share points.


Acrylamide-preventing yeast gains GRAS status

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According to the company, the acrylamide-preventing yeast strains will significantly and efficiently minimize acrylamide in the manufacturing of multiple product categories, including bread, baked goods, snack food and cereals. The strains reduces asparagine on contact leaving little left to be converted into acrylamide with the application of baking, frying and toasting. The strains also offer 90% reductions in acrylamide in baked bread and products.