More efficient coating

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Caragum International has launched a coating system which is claimed to be 2-3 times more efficient than any other type of colloids used in coating.

Caracoat HV CG 191 is a standardised blend of gums from different botanical species of Acacia. It is successfully used for dragees, sugared almonds, dried fruits and seeds, chocolate centered sweets, chewing gum, pharmaceutical pills etc.

The coating system has been developed to protect the centre of coated products against external humidity or oxidation. Its film-forming properties avoid bursting or scaling of the sugar film and prevent the formation of spots.

Caracoat HV CG 191 allows more rapid coating and its barrier effect is optimal with very low dosage. With its excellent adhesive properties, it can be used in combination with others ingredients, as a dusting agent. It also prevents the migration of fat between two phases and favours the adherence of insoluble particles (salt, powder, cocoa etc.). Suitable for all manufacturing process, it offers considerable productivity gains in comparison with traditional Acacia gum or replacement starches as some stages are shortened or even eliminated altogether.

The viscosity requested can be achieved by adjusting the dosage. As a result of varying the dosage from 5% to 15%, the viscosity will range from 50 to approx 200 cps, that is to say from a very liquid solution to a very thick nearly jellified solution. The recommended rate of dosage should be from 5% to 10%. Due to this very low dosage Caracoat HV CG 191 is 2-3 times more cost efficient than any other type of colloids used in coating.

Source: Confectionery Production