A new anti-ageing wonder drug?

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Scientists have revealed that eating modified chocolates can slow down the ageing process.

The research was carried out by Lyotec, a UK biotechnology company, and involved Coco-Lycosome being added to chocolate. This ingredient increases the bioavailability of cocoa epicatechins by 10 to 20 times (subject to chocolate matrix). Epicatechins can help improve skin oxygenation, which further delays the ageing process.

The addition of Coco-Lycosome causes no changes to the taste and texture of the chocolate, and is safe for use in food products.

It is important to consider that many fruits and vegetables contain a natural source of flavanols, but do not contain the high saturated fat, calorie and sugar content associated with chocolate. However, not a lot of chocolate needs to be consumed – researchers claim that only a small piece of the modified chocolate has the same anti-ageing benefits as two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk. “Two bars a day may be good news for chocoholics but not everybody loves chocolate that much,” Dr Ivan Petyaev, founder of Lycotec, was quoted as saying. “But now everyone can benefit from the intrinsic values of cocoa flavanols without compromising their health and habits.”

Source: Confectionery Production