Demand for microwaveable foods continues to grow

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Largely fueled by convenience and time restraints, the demand for microwaveable foods continues to grow, according to a new report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA). The research report titled “Microwaveable Foods: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by GIA, provides a comprehensive view of the market, impact of recession, current market trends and issues, key growth drivers, product profile, recent product introductions, recent industry activity and profiles of major global, as well as regional, market participants.

The report highlights that, in addition to changing lifestyles—including working women, time constraints and trends in ethnicity— is leading to an increased growth in the microwave cooking market, while new trends are also emerging in the related packaging market worldwide. Several types of packaging are being developed using patterned susceptors technology, new tray-lidding methods and new cook bag techniques. In upcoming years, food-packaging companies are expected to use sensors, logic, digital displays and other automatic features aimed at offering increased benefits out of microwave cooking.

In addition, developed economies of the United States and Europe represent the largest worldwide microwavable foods market, as stated by the recent research report on Microwavable Foods. As one of the world’s leading technology driven economies, innovations in meal solutions are the most dynamic in the United States, driven primarily by the reluctance of Americans to prepare time consuming meals. In Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy are the individual countries that will hold the most lucrative growth potential for additional convenience “occasions” in the upcoming years, driving forth high sales in the market. Strong growth is envisioned from the developing countries in Asia, and South and Central America. In the Asian market, an appetite for new and advanced technologies displayed by first time buyers is expected to provide increased growth. The Asia-Pacific market is set to forge ahead at a strong growth pace of 7.4% through the analysis period.

Source: Food Productd Design