UK confectionery giant cuts costs

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The largest UK confectionery manufacturer has saved 40% on production costs. UPM Conveyors supplied a system for transferring toffees from the wrapping line to the multi head weigher, which also reduced the toffee temperature from 80oc to 20oc prior to being bagged.

UPM were required to offer a total system including a stand alone air cooled chiller to supply cold water at 8oc to four water cooled condensers, each fitted with four axial fans to provide a blanket of chilled air onto the 1000mm wide belt conveyor to cater for a throughput rate of 360kg/hr which equates to 72,000 toffees, weighing 5g each.

Access to the conveyor was provided with four hinged stainless steel side access panels and the belt has a quick access facility for fast clean down. UPM were able to comply with the high care specification required for the confectionery production line with the belt conveyor constructed from High Molecular Weigh Polyethelene (HMWPE) incorporating the unique design of automatic belt tracking and tensioning for which UPM were awarded the Queens Award for Innovation. All support frames are fabricated from stainless steel grade 316 and the system complies to IP67.

UPM Conveyors has developed a new version of their Rotary Table (Lazy Susan) to operate as an integrated part of a product handling system or to act as a stand alone unit to act as a buffer when required for accumulating and unloading product but to also ensure total evacuation and as standard incorporating variable speed control for £1600 (€2000) which UPM claim is the most competitive price in the market.

An optional extra is the overhead mounted multi adjustable product flow orientation guide to ensure ‘first in first out of product’. UPM guarantees the elimination of any operator trap points as the underside of the table is totally enclosed and conforms to all Health and Safety at Work Acts.

Source: Confectionery Production