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Vanilla prices explode

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A worldwide shortage of vanilla pods could send prices rocketing this summer. The cost of the spice has remained at approximately $25 per kilo for the last six years, but following poor harvests in India and Mexico and opportunists stockpiling the spice, in the past two months the price has already gone up to $30 per kilo. Experts believe the price is likely to climb further.


Barry Callebaut organizes Chocovision for the first time

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Chocolate demand has increased steadily over the years. More and more consumers, especially in emerging countries with a rising middle class, are discovering the sweet side of chocolate. This offers great business opportunities. However, the same stakeholders along the complex and fragmented supply chain from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar are also facing key challenges. In addition to changing consumer needs and behavior, the industry must cope with economic uncertainties and volatile prices of the respective raw materials and it is confronted with increasing regulation. In the cocoa growing countries, unsustainable agricultural practices and challenging conditions in regard to social and political systems and infrastructure) are also among the issues the industry has to face.


Organic food labelling deadline approaches

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The deadline for all organic food produced in the UK to carry a legally required EU logo is rapidly approaching, a leading organic body has warned the industry

A new Europe-wide symbol for certified organic produce was introduced in July 2010, though a transitional period has been allowed for it to be included on packaging.


USDA: Data shows increase in organic agriculture

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As of the end of 2011, about 17’600 organic farms and processing facilities in the United States were certified to the USDA organic standards, which is almost 480 more operators than at the end of 2010 – a 240 percent increase since 2002 when the National Organic Program effectively began its oversight role. Worldwide, there are now 28’779 certified organic operators across 133 countries. (See a fact sheet that shows growth in U.S. operations over time and a map showing the current distribution of operations by state).


Food Ingredients: comes 2013 to Istanbul

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According to the OECD, Turkey ranks number seven in the world for agricultural production after USA, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Japan. These countries coincide with the world´s leading food ingredients markets as well as the locations of UBM Live´s most successful Food ingredients geo-adaptations to date.