Testing your inspection system

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Mettler Toledo Safeline is offering manufacturers test samples to ensure their inspection systems comply with food safety legislation.

By placing test samples on food production lines or within their products, manufacturers can ensure that their product inspection systems are operating correctly and offering optimum contaminant detection. Regular testing of inspection systems can prevent adverse trends in contaminant detection before they become a problem.

Mettler Toledo Safeline has developed the new test samples using a robust casing material, protecting products from the contaminant inside and enabling repeated use. Made with materials approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturers can be confident that the samples will not contaminate their food products with fragments from damaged casing, ink or glue unsuitable for human consumption. The test samples are available in a range of sizes to allow comprehensive testing for a number of product inspection systems.

“Product recalls from undetected contamination can be costly and damaging both to the consumer and to the manufacturer. By ensuring your product inspection system is operating correctly, you can safeguard the well-being of the consumer, protect your profits and ultimately your brand reputation”, explains Jonathan Richards, marketing manager, Mettler Toledo Safeline.

Mettler-Toledo’s test samples follow an internationally recognised colour coding system to enable easy identification of the contaminant. For metal detection, ferrous samples are marked in red, brass in yellow, stainless steel in blue and aluminium in green. For x-ray samples, soda lime glass, PVC and Teflon are marked in black.

Source: Confectionery News