Fedima: about ingredients in the bakery chain

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Agricultural ingredients in the bakery chain are in the spotlight since commodity prices reached peaks in the late 2007 and early 2008. However price volatility is also linked to the discontinuity in supplies due to the increasing demand from emerging markets or the use of agricultural commodities beyond food and feed applications.

The bakery and pastry industries face a triple challenge: how to find qualitative agricultural commodities at a fair price to meet customers´ and consumers´ expectations. The quality, availability and price volatility clearly affects the financial strength of our industry. A discussion on volatility overlaps with a discussion of greater uncertainty in a changing economic and natural environment.

Fedima, the EU trade association of manufacturers and suppliers of bakery ingredients in the EU, organises a symposium on the recent developments around agricultural ingredients in the bakery chain on 18 April 2012 in Brussels.

The programme is built upon this general concern and is designed to provide answers on both short and longer term issues affecting agricultural supplies.

Fedima´s fifth symposium is obviously open to delegates from the bakery ingredient´s suppliers but also partners in the bakery, pastry and confectionery chain. In particular senior management, purchasers as well as marketers will be interested in listening high level speakers from senior representatives of the EU Commission, the financial services and trade associations of several agricultural commodities such as flour, sugar, vegetable oils, cocoa, dairy.

The symposium has steadily grown towards a place for the bakery ingredients industry and their customers to exchange views on topics which affect the bakery chain. Past successes included symposia around allergens, enzymes, claims or incident management.

Source: Bakenet:eu