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Kausal 2012

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The 5th International Congress on Self-Control and Food Safety – KAUSAL 2012 will be held from 17 – 19 October in Barcelona with the theme All together, safer food. This conference is the leading scientific meeting on the present and future of self-control and food safety throughout the food chain as well as a meeting point for professionals working in food safety.


McDonald’s presents McBaguette burger

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Mon Dieu! American fast-food giant McDonald’s has co-opted France’s signature carbohydrate, rolling out a new burger on a baguette rather than a bun.

Starting April 18, McDonald’s France will begin serving the McBaguette, a burger with lettuce, local Swiss cheese and mustard sauce, at 1,228 restaurants across the country. The company said it sought out French suppliers for the baguettes, which are baked in stone ovens for a crisp crust.


High flavanol chocolate confirmed to positively impact brain performance

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Chocolate can be good for the brain – at least if you eat the right kind. Chocolate – in particular the dark variety – is already well known for its positive effects when consumed in small quantities. Scientists have now found new evidence for another effect: Chocolate or cocoa powder containing higher amounts of so-called cocoa flavanols can positively influence brain performance in healthy middle-aged individuals in a natural way. Put simply: People who regularly consume cocoa flavanols, such as those found in Barry Callebaut’s high flavanol cocoa and chocolate, can think just as well as others, but with less effort. This was revealed in an independent study by Professor Andrew Scholey and Con Stough from the Center for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University in Australia.


Fedima: about ingredients in the bakery chain

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The bakery and pastry industries face a triple challenge: how to find qualitative agricultural commodities at a fair price to meet customers´ and consumers´ expectations. The quality, availability and price volatility clearly affects the financial strength of our industry. A discussion on volatility overlaps with a discussion of greater uncertainty in a changing economic and natural environment.


Gluten intolerance: Some may be suffering in silence

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The gluten-free industry is booming, growing 27 percent since 2009 and exceeding six billion USD in 2011 and fuelled by an abundance of new products in 2010 and 2011 that bear a gluten-free claim. However, despite an increase in popularity and product development, celiac disease and gluten intolerance could be widely undiagnosed, as according to recent Mintel (external link) research, just one percent of consumers say they have been diagnosed with celiac disease and only eight percent overall say they are gluten intolerant / sensitive. However, Mintel research suggests that number should be closer to 15 percent.