Europain: about trends, innovations and solutions

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The bakery trade has been experiencing a genuine revolution in recent years. Bakers are no longer simply skilled artisans, they are now managers of modern businesses and are required to have a wide range of abilities. Europain 2012 , the international gathering of the entire bakery profession, will showcase the most innovative and appropriate solutions for 21st century bakers, be it in terms of services, trends, technical operations or information.

The baker, a multi-faceted professional

If baking and pastry-making is one of the most dynamic, innovative sectors, it is because those who are actively involved in it have been able to adapt to a changing society and new demands from consumers, primarily by offering loaves with a wide variety of tastes, shapes and ingredients to suit everyone´s taste and every occasion. Bakers have also realised the growing importance of snack food and now offer take-away sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, verrines and even hot or cold dishes in addition to their usual range.

Bakers are thus becoming caterers and pastry-makers. They have to innovate and surprise their customers in order to gain their loyalty and expand their business. But they must also manage a team of employees working at the ovens and in the shop, and make profitable investments. So the artisan, a creator of simple, fine products and fervent defender of quality, is becoming a company manager playing a variety of roles: technician, manager, salesman and communicator.

19th Europain – Key Figures:

  • Europain + Intersuc – world event for the bakery, pastry,
  • ice-cream, chocolate and confectionery sectors
  • 03 to 07 March 2012
  • France – Parc des expositions Paris Nord-Villepinte – Halls 4 + 5
  • 80’000 square metres exhibition area
  • 750 exhibitors and brands
  • 86’000 visitors
    • 65 percent french
    • 35 percent international
  • 126 countries represented

Europain, the latest equipment, trends, innovations and solutions

Whatever the size of their shop, their geographical location or type of customers, artisan bakers and pastrymakers will find everything they need at Europain to expand and diversify their business. The 750 exhibitors and brands expected at the show will be demonstrating easier products to use to cater to consumers´ tastes along with equipment that is more ergonomic and efficient, uses less energy and is quickly paid off. Most of them will be giving direct demonstrations of their latest creations and innovations. But owning state-of-the-art equipment is not an answer in itself. Bakers and pastry-makers must remain constantly on the lookout for new trends and anticipate what will be happening in the trade tomorrow before everyone else does. That is why next year´s Europain is laying the emphasis fully on innovation:

  • The 2012 New Products and Innovations Area will promote innovative products and equipment from exhibitors in all sectors.
  • The Europain 2012 Innovation Awards will reward the best innovations.
  • The 2012 Intersuc Collections will showcase sugar and chocolate creations.

«Road to Success», or sharing experience …

In addition, the interaction between Europain and the new «SuccessFood» will help bakers to gain a clearer understanding of the changes taking place in their trade and the implications of catering. «Road to Success» is a new concept for sharing experience, where creators of business models will explain their ideas. More than 1’000 square metres will be devoted to successful baking and catering concepts.

Demonstrating skills

Because skilled artisan bakers will always be the ones who guarantee the highest level of know-how, expertise and creativity, they will have the opportunity to witness the most prestigious competitions in their profession at Europain:

The Bakery World Cup will feature teams of three bakers from twelve countries, pitting their skills against one another in three contests: bread, viennoiserie and creative baking.

Teams from 16 countries will be taking part in the four-day International Confectionery Art Competition, each team consisting of one man and one woman.

Many French and international schools will be promoting vocational training courses in the «Rue des Ecoles». For the first time, the Rue des Ecoles will be situated close to the French Schools Cup, a competition placing promising new talents in the spotlight and stressing the importance of passing on traditional skills to the younger generation.

Europain is committed to helping professionals from the bakery-pastry sector to develop their businesses and turnover by reinventing their offer to better satisfy new customer requirements and adapt to changes in consumer habits. The trade exhibition also proposes a broad offering for all players in the bakery-pastry industry, including equipment and supplies for bakeries, laboratories and kitchens, shop designing, raw materials, ingredients and foodstuffs, for traditional and industrial bakery pastry as well as for chocolate-making and confectionery. Many new products and solutions will be featured that will enable professionals to adapt, and even to anticipate the major changes to come in their sector. For more information please download the Press Kit (PDF; 23 pages; 1’553 KB) from the Europain server.

Source: Bakenet:eu