Chocolate batons for baked goods

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The starting point for a unique selling proposition is chocolate pieces in new shapes, colours and flavours. One example of this is bake stable chocolate batons, that are used chiefly for chocolate croissants.

Herza supplies these batons in bake stable white and caramel flavoured chocolate as well as whole milk and dark chocolate. All the batons are between one and two centimetres wide and 8 to 40 centimetres long, depending on the customer’s requirements. “The size can be adjusted to the customer’s specifications, which means that the batons can be used quickly and simply on the existing plant. Such individual sizing is a unique service that only we offer in this form”, Marc van Essen, key account manager at Herza explains. “We are constantly creating new flavours, too. For example, the white batons can be made even more interesting with aromatic components like vanilla or coffee.”

Source: Confectionery Production