Marshmallows in new natural colours

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Marshmallows no longer need to be just pink and white, thanks to a breakthrough development from natural flavourings and colourings company Wild. The company is now offering manufacturers a broad spectrum of natural colours – including reds, yellows and oranges – for the popular confectionery item, using sources such as safflower, and elderberry.

“Our R&D department are very proud to have overcome the technological challenges of using natural colours in marshmallows,” said Hélène Möller, product manager, ingredients at Wild.

Wild has also announced new flavourings for marshmallows, including raspberry, lemon, cherry and vanilla.

The challenge for product developers was, according to Möller, determining the correct dosage for different shades. This depends on aeration strength with colours suitable for the application. “In the end we found form-stable colours and flavours, both from natural sources,” she says.

Source: Ingredients Network