Allinson rebrands itself in the wholemeal category

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Allied Bakeries is revitalising the 120-year-old Allinson brand for the first time since 2008, aiming to give the brand more stand out in a highly competitive market.

As part of the rebrand Thomas Allinson, the founder of the brand, will also be re-introduced on the pack and through the advertising.

A pioneer of healthy eating, Thomas Allinson’s belief in good nutrition, wholesomeness and high quality food is to be foregrounded as a key part of the brand.

Allied Bakeries is looking to drive category growth in Wholemeal, which makes up 20.6% of all bread sales by reinvigorating the brand and expanding its product range to offer a new and tastier way to enjoy brown bread.

The new brown batch loaf has the taste of sourdough and will target consumers with a desire for wholesome, hearty bread.

Ellen Bailey, Allinson Brand Manager for Allied Bakeries, said:

“Over the years much of the brand’s heritage has been lost, resulting in a lack of character and recognition amongst consumers.

The re-launch and new product development will be supported by a marketing campaign to help build brand equity and drive awareness, including national print advertising to tell the story of Thomas Allinson’s vision for wholesome living.

Inspired by traditional Sourdough, Allinson has created a modern version of the bread.

With the benefits of whole grain, new Brown Batch with the taste of Sourdough is made with a blend of wholemeal and white flours and has a sourdough taste.

It’s also free from artificial preservatives and two slices a day provides consumers with 65% of your daily whole graini.

Allinson’s new Brown Batch with the taste of Sourdough comes in a 750g loaf, dressed with flour and thick sliced and is available from Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s in September 2011.

Source: Food and Drink Innovation Network