Less time and more space

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Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched the new XC CC CombiChecker, a checkweighing and metal detection combination system for food and beverage manufacturers to speed throughput and reduce footprint on the production line while ensuring high accuracy. Additional benefits of combining the functionalities of checkweighing and metal detection in one space-saving unit include reduced operation time, fewer operating errors and overall line productivity enhancement.

The XC CC CombiChecker reliably verifies that products have the required weight levels and are free of metal contamination to ensure constant product quality. Two rejection pushers separate and sort any under- or overweight and metal-contaminated products. The system features advanced load cell technology to ensure precise weighing. It is certified a Class 3 weighing instrument according to the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML). The metal detector system included in the CombiChecker, has advanced digital signal processing and single-frequency technology to enable the accurate detection of all metals including ferrous, non-ferrous and non-magnetic stainless steel.

The combination system not only saves space but also reduces downtime and increased efficiency through streamlined maintenance. Training requirements are minimal as operators only need to be trained on one system, while the well-structured interface, translated into 28 languages facilitates fast navigation. Additionally, the easily understandable icons reduce operating errors, further increasing production line efficiency.

The system is complete for installation on arrival and features a conveyor body and belt that can be quickly and easily dismantled and reassembled for rapid cleaning. Also, Mettler-Toledo’s software allows the manufacturer to save 100 product settings, allowing the operator to quickly and easily change the production process and reduce downtime.

The CombiChecker is highly flexible as it offers a modular design featuring scalable options for manufacturers to handle a wide range of product sizes, shapes and weights. The system can be equipped with varying conveyor belt lengths, and has maximum weighing capacities up to either three or six kilograms. Also, for manufacturers handling sensitive products, standard pushers can be replaced by air jets to gently blow contaminated or under- or overweight products off the conveyor belt.

Source: Confectionery Production