Healthier doughnuts

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Manufacturers can tap into the growing consumer demand for healthier snacks by licensing a proven, patented doughnut baking process being made available via brand consultancy Intangible Business.

The process produces a healthier option baked doughnut that is less than half the fat of a full fat fried doughnut. As important, there is no compromise on flavour and the high quality baked doughnut has been proven to compete favourably with leading doughnut retailers on flavour, quality and texture. In market research, blind taste tests with consumers comparing the baked doughnut to other leading deep fried doughnuts (plus a fried version of the same dough mix) revealed that consumers preferred the taste, lightness and fluffier texture of the new baked doughnut without being aware of the new baking process.

“We know that consumers are looking for new ways to minimise calorie and fat intake and that they are prepared to spend more on higher quality, healthier food snacks,” explains Thayne Forbes, joint managing director, Intangible Business.

“By securing exclusive rights to use this process, retailers can exploit that demand and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals – clever and delicious.”

Source: Confectionery Production