New wirecut machine for quick switchover of cookies and bars

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Rapid product switchover, plus high levels of flexibility of weight accuracy are benefits claimed by Baker Perkins for its new wirecut machine.

The machine is a new addition to Baker Perkin’s wirecut machine range, which previously only catered for cookies, company spokesperson Keith Graham told

However, the new TruClean wirecut machine can produce cookies and soft filled bars, unfilled cereal and energy bars, he said, with an estimate changeover time of 15 minutes.

“The ability to quickly and thoroughly clean machines for food safety reasons is now a prime requirement,” he said.

The UK-based company said the simple switch is achieved by fitting a product specific die and filler block, plus a divider plate in the hopper for filled bars.

Weight accuracy

According to the spokesperson, in wirecut cookie mode, TruClean offers the best weight control of any machine on the market.

Weight accuracy is achieved by the die and filler block technology, which has strict control of extrusion parameters, said the firm.

“It is a combination of the process, which ensures that all the dough streams are subject to the same conditions, along with careful design and manufacture of the equipment to avoid gaps, deflections, dead spots or speed fluctuations that could lead to variations in process conditions,” said Graham.


According to the spokesperson, the machine’s superior design has allowed it to meet or exceed the latest hygiene standards being introduced in the USA and in other countries.

“There is a reduction in the number of places for debris to accumulate, and no inaccessible areas, such as crevices or niches where bacteria could be harboured,” he said.

Components that need to be removed for cleaning can also be done easily and without the use of tools, he added.

The wirecut is part of Baker Perkin’s new TruClean range, which the company says is driven by industry demands for equipment that reduces cross-contamination risk and is easier to clean.

“This radical approach has led to upgrades in everything from the choice of materials and detailing of components to overall appearance, access and visibility. As a result, operation and maintenance have been made easier and, along with improved hygiene, will appreciably reduce lifetime cost of ownership,” said the firm.

Baker Perkins said all of its biscuit equipment range is being upgraded to the TruClean standard. This consists of three levels of hygienic design, from which customers select the one most suitable for their own cleaning regime and cross-contamination risk.


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