Bakery enhancers launched worldwide as demand grows in emerging markets

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Puratos is launching its bakery enhancers in the Middle East and in Asia in response to growing demand for “western type” cakes with a long shelf life, said the firm.

The cake improver Acti-fresh is an enzyme and emulsifier that enhances the freshness of industrially produced cakes, muffins, swiss rolls and cake donuts by blocking the staling process of the starch in the cake product, according to Puratos.

The ingredients can increase the perceived softness, moistness and freshness of bakery products by between 30 and 40 per cent, three weeks after baking, claims the food ingredients supplier.

Distribution challenges

After success in Western Europe, the ingredients supplier has decided to launch its shelf life enhancers in countries such as China, where western-style cakes are on the rise, said Paul Baisier, senior product manager, Patisserie Mixes at Puratos.

“Cake manufacturers are seeing the opportunity to produce long shelf life snack cakes to satisfy a new type of consumer who is switching from traditional Asian snacks to cake snack products, such as swiss rolls and cupcakes,” he said.

However, these snack cakes are sold in supermarkets, petrol stations and many local grocery shops that are based far away, said Baisier, this leads to huge logistical and distribution challenges where six, nine and even 12 months shelf life are required, Baiser explained.

Puratos recently launched two new Acti-Fresh ingredients for brownies and Asian style snack cakes and will introduce Acti-Fresh for chocolate cakes by the end of this year.

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