EFSA Panel Clears Flavour Usage

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said that two artificial flavours, a sulphur substituted pyrimidin-derivative and its hydrochloride salt (FL-no 16.116 and 16.120), can be used in food and drink products as they do not give rise to any safety concerns.

According to the panel, the results do not give any reason for a safety concerns at their levels of dietary intake, estimated on the basis of the maximised survey-derived daily intake (MSDI) approach.

Normal use levels are in the range of 4mg/kg to 10mg/kg food and the maximum use levels are in the range of 8.5mg/kg to 25mg/kg.

The flavours were found in nine out of the 18 food categories listed by the panel, including edible ices, dairy products, cereals and cereal products, confectionery, bakery, meat products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

According to the panel, both fall within the Flavouring Group Evaluation 301 and chemical group 30 under commission regulation and neither of the substances has been reported to occur naturally in any food items, however, the flavours were confirmed to be safe.

Source: Foodprocessing technology