Allied Bakeries – producing first carbon-certified loaf

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Allied Bakeries launched the Kingsmill carbon footprinting project in 2008 for the three biggest selling varieties of Kingsmill bread to find a way of measuring carbon over the life-cycle of all its products.

Helped by carbon reduction company, Sustain, the assessment was developed in accordance with PAS 2050 and certified by the Carbon Trust, making Kingsmill the first loaf to carry the trust’s carbon reduction label.

First the group identified carbon hotspots in a loaf’s life-cycle: fertilisers on wheat, toasting and baking, delivery to supermarkets and bakery chillers. Then it focused on carbon cutting measures within the company and on key suppliers such as farmers and flour and sugar producers.

Overseen by the environmental steering group, practical measures included: insulating exposed pipework at bakeries, replacing chillers, introducing Euro V EEV Technology Diesel engines and more aerodynamic vehicles. The team also looked at changing driver behaviour, introducing route tracking, automatic engine cut-off when idling, for example.

Allied Mills carried out a separate assessment of wheat and flour production, and agronomists are working with farmers to advise them on cutting green house gas emissions related to fertilisers – the largest hotspot.

Allied Bakeries also intends to drive down emissions across the business and supply chain, reduce waste at production sites and consumers’ homes and move to sustainable palm oil. PAS 2050 and the Carbon Trust’s carbon reduction label allow structured measurement, management and reduction. Other businesses within the group have used the same process to drive down carbon.

By May 2011 Allied Bakeries will re-assess the changes made across their three loafs.

Kingsmill is a top 10 grocery brand. Carbon labelling on its packaging will publicise the scheme and the broader idea of how products affect climate change. In this project, Allied Bakeries has been a pioneer among bread producers, working above and beyond standard sustainability practice.


Source: The Guardian