Corn Products introduces Erythritol for sugar-free confectionery

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Corn Products International has introduced directly compressible erythritol Erysta 3656 for sugar-free confectionery.

The new product is a polyol that occurs at low levels in fruits and at higher levels in fermented foods such as soy sauce, cheese, wine and beer.

It is used to reduce or replace other sweeteners in low-sugar food and beverage applications.

Erythritol serves as an alternative for applications where heat stability, ease of flow and cooling effect are important and its benefits include low calorie content, suitability for diabetic diets, and a low laxative effect.

The company claims that Erythritol, which is non-reactive and non-hygroscopic, has processing advantages over other sugar-free excipients, including good flow characteristics.

In addition, compressible erythritol has a number of sensory qualities that could be advantageous for confectionery and tablet manufacturers.

Source: Foodprocessing Technology