The future of cooling – Vacuum Cooling System

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Need for costly storage freezers and refrigerated transport eliminated for part baked goods.

The vacuum cooler allows manufacturers to produce part-baked bread, rolls and pastry products eliminating the need for costly storage freezers and refrigerated transport.

The equipment makes use of the scientific law that the boiling point of water is lowered as air pressure is lowered. This principle is applied to extract the energy required for this process in the form of heat from the product. As a result the product is cooled down and stabilised very quickly.

A trolley of hot part-baked products is placed into the vacuum chamber. Vacuum pumps reduce the pressure and water evaporates. As a result, the products are cooled down in a few minutes. They can be stored without freezing and then baked-off days or even weeks later with practically no loss in quality.’

Conventional cooling systems cool baked products down from the outside to the inside. This is not the case with vacuum cooling system. They are cooled simultaneously outside and inside, preventing moisture migration, preserving the crumb and the crust. In many cases the volume of the bread increases and then remains stable during storage.

The system offers a number of quality advantages:

Baked off bread and rolls not only look good and have a longer shelf-life but also a longer lasting, crispier crust and a softer crumb.

It also has a number of economic efficiencies. The pre-baking time is reduced by up to 25 per cent because the depression in the vacuum chamber stabilises the structure of the dough pieces.

Manufacturers energy bills could also be substantially reduced because there is no need for freezing, no refrigerated trucks and retarders are not required where the products are finally baked.

The system is also ideal for the cooling of sheet cakes, pound cakes and products such as Stollen to a firm consistency or packaging temperatures and for the fast cooling of delicate products such as panettone and part-baked ready made pizzas in order to prevent soggy bases.