LycoRed launches vegetarian Omega-3 (DHA)

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LycoRed has launched a vegetarian Omega-3 ‘Lyc-O-Mega 10 AL’, designed especially for the bakery and confectionery industries. Trials of the fish odour free algae oil ingredient have been conducted in chocolates, crackers and bread. The chocolate tablet (5g), for example, contains 5mg of DHA, which is one third of the recommended daily consumption, without affecting its taste profile.

“Following the latest publication of The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on Article 13.1, which included positive opinions on the use of DHA, Lyc-Omega 10AL provides all the health benefits of Omega-3 that is derived from fish source, with a bland taste for a wide range of applications,” says Udi Alroy, vice president of global marketing & sales at LycoRed.

Source: Confectionery Production