WILD launches natural binding system

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Wild has developed an all-natural binding system based on juice concentrates. It creates crunchy cereal bars and contains no additives, which allows for a clean label.

Until now, manufacturers had to use several additives when making cereal bars, and these commonly appeared on the label as E-numbers. The company notes, “Manufacturers no longer need many common additives and ingredients such as emulsifiers, fats, citric acid or sorbitol as a humectant. The use of our binding system streamlines the production process for making cereal bars, since manufacturers need to use only this binding system, which is added to the blend of cereals and/or dry fruit. This also decreases the list of ingredients in the finished product.”

The high Brix value and low pH-value of the binding system mean the bars do not need added preservatives. They have a shelf life of nine to twelve months.

Source: Confectionery Production