ADM brings out new cocoa butter equivalent blends

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Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

ADM, the cocoa, chocolate and speciality oils and fats supplier, has expanded its range of cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs) with the launch of Chocovit Extra. The custom-formulated blends of deZaan cocoa butters and Chocovit Plus CBEs can reduce the ingredient costs of chocolate formulations for use in applications such as fillings, coatings and chocolate shells.

By substituting cocoa butter with CBEs in accordance with the EU Cocoa and Chocolate Products Directive 2000/36/EC, significant savings and functional improvements can be achieved. In some formulations, CBE blends can even enhance heat resistance, shelf-life, crystallisation rates and resistance to fat bloom.

Rinus Heemskerk, technical director for ADM Cocoa, comments, “CBEs offer clear cost benefits, but the complexity of blending the correct ratios of CBEs and cocoa butter can discourage some manufacturers. These custom blends can save our customers time and money.”

Source: Confectionery Production