FSSC 22000 accepted by the European Cooperation for Accreditation

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As per October 1 this year FSSC 22000 received acceptation by the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA).

The formal evaluation of conformity assessment schemes is a new process for the EA. FSSC 22000 is the first GFSI-recognized global food safety scheme that receives such EA acceptance. This means all accreditation bodies in Europe will accept FS22000. In the past all accreditation bodies in Europe evaluated the schemes individually. Also ANAB, SCC and JAS-ANZ are lined up with FS22000. The accreditation process for certification bodies against FSSC 22000, version July 2010, has already started.

Where the official name of the scheme still is FSSC 22000, both board members and users of the scheme prefer the shorter indication FS22000 or even FS22. In this press release we will relate to the scheme as FS22000 from this point on.

FS22000 out and rolling
Introduction Fons Schmid, chairman Board of Stakeholders FS22000
In the year 2000 I became the first chairman of the GFSI and I always kept the door wide open for the food A-brands like Danone, Kraft, Nestle, Unilever and others, with their great safety systems. ISO 22000 became the answer and now they have joined the GFSI and ISO 22000 has found a professional home in FSSC 22000. We have decided to maintain the official name but from now we will speak about FS22000: short and powerful! FS22000 will play a crucial role in safeguarding food safety trough the supply chain all over the world! It is a great food safety scheme for safe food manufacturing in all countries and has the support of the GFSI, the industry and many retailers who follow the GFSI founding-mission: Certified once, accepted everywhere. Much is to be done:
Intensified marketing and communication, regional Centres of Excellence, wider support of CB’s, optimize integrity surveillance and, of course, keeping one to one with ISO and GFSI requirements. Our multi-stakeholders Board and excellent staff are ready for it and will perform to the benefit of consumer protection worldwide.

FS22000 certification scheme, July 2010
In view of the EA acceptance some last changes were made in the FS22000 certification scheme. We want to emphasize that these changes do not affect the outline of the scheme but mainly add detail and clarification to the earlier issue. This new version, dated July 2010, has been formalised and placed on www.fssc22000.com. An overview of the most important changes is also published here. Extension of the existing ISO 22000 accreditation to FS22000 shall be against the July issue of the FS22000 scheme.

Accredited certification as of 1 January 2011
Accredited certification is allowed by the associated certification bodies as of 1 January 2011. Until January 1, 2011 unaccredited certification audits can continue. After receiving accreditation the certificates have to be changed into accredited certificates. For an overview of the certified organizations you can visit our website. Certificates shall be registered on the website by the Certification Bodies.