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Kraft Foods opens confectionery R&D Centre in Switzerland

October 9th, 2010

Kraft Foods has inaugurated its €10.4 million European Kraft Foods Gum and Candy Research & Development Centre in Eysins, Switzerland.

The facility will be dedicated to developing new products mainly for its Trident gum, Halls confectionery, Bassetts, Carambar, The Natural Confectionary Co., Trebor and V6 brands.

“Over recent years, gum has been growing in popularity in Europe as consumers look for new ways to indulge and refresh themselves through great flavours, fresh breath and even for oral care. At Kraft Foods, we see this as a great growth opportunity, both for our European business and globally,” says Chuck Davis, vice president of research, development and quality for Kraft Foods Europe.

The centre will also collaborate closely with the company’s Center of Excellence, in New Jersey, US.


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