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Barry Callebaut introduces chocolate with Stevia on industrial scale

October 9th, 2010

Barry Callebaut is the first chocolate maker to developed a no sugar added chocolate with an extract from the Stevia plant on an industrial scale. Sugar has been replaced completely by a sweetener solution being high in fibre, with up to 65% less calories than sugar and that does not cause a laxative effect.

The chocolate will be retailed by Belgian chocolate maker Cavalier. Felix Verdegem, owner of Cavalier Chocolate, says, “As a family company dedicated to producing no sugars added chocolate since 1996, Cavalier is extremely excited about this latest innovation. Chocolate with Stevia is based on a sweetener solution limiting the overconsumption of sugars, while still offering the same unaltered experience of purity and refinement, as well as all healthy ingredients naturally found in cocoa.”

In terms of justifiable claims, chocolate with Stevia extract may be labeled as sugar reduced (90%), light sugar, containing maximum 5% sugars and rich in fiber (of which 20% cocoa-derived fibre). For the US market, the product can be labeled as No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate or simply Dark Chocolate.

Source: Confectionery Production


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