Arla launches egg-free glaze for bakery goods

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Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has launched an egg-free glaze for bakery products that the company claims meets consumer demands and reduces raw material costs.

Glazes give a shine and golden tinge to baked goods that can make a crucial difference to consumers when deciding between different products. But they do contribute to production costs.

Cost savings

Arla claims its egg-free glaze MULTILAC BK1111 is a cheaper alternative to liquid pasteurised egg, typically cutting raw material costs by 10-30 per cent.

But it also claims that the glaze does a better job than traditional alternatives. AFI said: “Trials show the egg-free glaze can give a higher, longer-lasting shine than traditional egg wash.” In addition, it is capable of holding toppings such as sesame and poppy seeds in place.

AFI did not reveal the details of the formulation of the new glaze but said that it was built on the basis of tailor made solutions it has developed for clients.

“Although we have sold similar egg-free solutions for specific bakery products, this is the first all-round solution in our range,” said Søren Rothbøl Nørgaard, head of the AFI bakery application centre.

Label issues

AFI said is a natural, E-number free product that in most cases will not require companies to add anything to their labels as the ingredients in the glaze are typically already part of the formulation. There is also a low risk of contamination compared to liquid egg wash, which can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

MULTILAC BK1111 comes in a soluble powder form and just needs to be added to water in preparation for use.

Source: Bakery and Snacks