Automated testing for Salmonella

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Chocolate manufacturers may benefit from automated testing for Salmonella, according to Swiss robotics supplier Xiril and Germany’s Biotecon Diagnostics.

Biotecon Diagnostics developed the foodproof RoboPrep+ Series to meet the need of a leading international confectionary manufacturer, who has now introduced the system into several of its factories for automated Salmonella testing.

The system combines Xiril’s liquid handling instrumentation with Biotecon’s magnetic preparation technology to enable automation of sample preparation and PCR setup. The results are generated in about 4.5 hours following the complete process of sample preparation, set up and post PCR steps.

The two companies maintain that the Salmonella testing system eliminates manual handling steps except in the initial loading of samples, reagents and consumables, while samples are traceable by barcode, and instruments are available with hood and UV/Air Cleaner.

A stepwise introduction of the technology for other parameters, such as E.coli or Listeria, is in development.