Effective communication ‘key to cutting salt intake’

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salThe food industry needs to communicate effectively with consumers in order to lower people’s salt intake, it has been claimed.

According to the European Salt Producers’ Association (ESA), responsible salt consumption is part of a healthy diet, meaning that companies promising to reduce salt use by set amounts is not helpful.

“We are opposing the focus on nutrient reductions as these are misleading the consumers and will be providing a much bigger health problem,” the body’s managing director Wouter Lox told Food Navigator.

“Consuming nutrient reduced foods does not equal installing a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.”

He added that the food industry should be promoting eating salt in moderation alongside a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Earlier this year, research undertaken at Stanford University in the US highlighted that lowering people’s salt intake by just ten per cent could prevent thousands of heart attacks from occurring annually.