Pain Paillasse

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Quality starts by choosing the raw material.Pain Paillasse-Logo

The flour mixture, specially created for Pain Paillasse, comes from cereals which were carefully selected for their baking and taste qualities.

The incredibly long fermentation time allows the degradation of starch into sugar, which facilitates digestion and, avoids tympanites, which brings energy faster, while slowing down the staling process of Pain Paillasse.

The starch’s degradation allows the bread, while baking, to absorb a much higher quantity of water than other breads. This is why Pain Paillasse’s crumb has an incredibly high humidity ratio which allows keeping the bread fresh for several days.

The high content of transformed sugar creates a caramelization of the crust, which gives Pain Paillasse a unique taste and crunshiness.

Because the amount of salt and yeast is much lower in Pain Paillasse than in other breads, it has much more natural flavours and a more intense taste. You will discover 80 different flavours when eating Pain Paillasse.

Its irregular porosity, its creamy coloured crumb, very shiny and soft, its tasteful crust with warm colours and in particular its unique taste gives Pain Paillasse its unique character.

Pain Paillasse’s trade secret is only disclosed to bakers carefully selected across the country. They bake Pain Paillasse every day; following the craft method they were taught.

From Geneva to Romanshorn, from Basel to Ticino, Pain Paillasse can be found in over 300 independent bakeries, totalising around 1’000 sale points.

Pain Paillasse