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“Ideas. Brands. Success.” is the motto of Backaldrin. As a company of bakers working on behalf of bakers, backaldrin works day in and day out to develop new product ideas and recipes. After a tough selection and maturing process, only the best recipes end up in bakeries all over the world. Some of them have what it takes to become successful brands, such as our Kornspitz® grain roll or PURPUR® (purple wheat).


Crispy, flavorsome and full of dietary fibers, the “Kornspitz”, the famous grain roll developed by backaldrin, has successfully conquered the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. Invented in 1984, it has emerged as the most popular brand name roll in Europe, eaten 4.5 million times each day throughout Europe. With a 7% share of fiber, the “Kornspitz” and the organic version are welcome additions to many diets.