New campaign to introduce Cadbury Crunchie Rocks

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Cadbury's-CrunchieCadbury has launched Crunchie Rocks with an accompanying rock-themed media campaign.

The 145g share packs are already present in stores across the UK and are a combination of honeycomb pieces cornflakes tumbled in Cadbury milk chocolate.

The theme of the campaign encourages people to experience ‘that Friday Feeling’ – no matter what day of the week it is.

Kate Harding, trade communications manager at Cadbury UK says, “The launch of Cadbury Crunchie Rocks is a new addition to the Cadbury Bitesize portfolio, and an extension of the Crunchie brand.”

Also making a debut is a single 39g pack of CDM Caramel Nibbles and in June the company will be launching Wispa Duo. Both products will also be supported by media campaigns.