The Color of Caramel

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caramelToffees, caramels and fudge have a predicted global growth of six per cent over the next four years, according to Euromonitor. The optimal product is naturally a combination of ingredients and equipment.

It is the dairy ingredients that make toffees, caramels and fudge so special. Other additional ingredients such as fruit pieces, nuts, special flavorings and chocolate coatings can take the basic creamy mix to new heights of luxury – but the texture of the foundation must be optimal to start with.

caramel 3Toffee and fudge confectioneries are complex, not only due to their specific combinations of ingredients – dairy components, sugar, fats etc. –but also due to the different processing methods and final textures involved. In toffee and caramel the sugar is fully solubilised, whereas in fudge the sugars are processed to a crystallized form.

The correct balance of sugar, glucose syrup and dairy ingredients, therefore, is vital to produce the ideal confection in terms of sweetness, texture, and of course shelf life.

In caramels it is often desirable to reduce stickiness while maintaining the ideal texture (thickening or gelation), melting properties and milky perception.