Bubbling Up

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Air inclusion is a wide-spread practice in the confectionery and bakery industry.Marshmallow_and_Nouga-Frappe_o_s_side

Aerated confectionery can be defined as an aerated gelled product containing a mixture of carbohydrates, mainly sugar and different types of glucose syrup, whipping and/or stabilizing agents, flavor and color.

Advantages of the process include an increase volume, together with a decrease in density, modification of the viscosity and fluidity of the aerated mass, leading to better stability and a modification of the texture and organoleptic characteristics of the finished products. In products, it also leads to a shorter texture, modification in the mouthfeel, reduction of stickiness and cold flow and a decrease in sweetness.

Sometimes, aeration is just one of a number of techniques available for improving appearance, texture and consistency. In other cases, aeration is essential for providing the food with its characteristics properties. Typical examples are baked goods, some desserts such as ice cream and certain confections, such as nougat and marshmallow.