Iced Tea

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Iced teaTea ice

Milk 1000g
Cream 200g
Sugar  250g
Trimoline 30g
Yolks 160g
Stabiliser 4g
Earl grey tea 40g

Cook a crème anglaise at 85ºC. Add the trimoline and the 4 g of stabiliser, then leave the Earl Grey tea to infuse. Strain and reserve cold.

Lemon water ice

Lemon pulp 330g
Sugar 330g
Water 660g
Glucose  30g
Orange juice 6g

Make a syrup with water, sugar and glucose. Add the fruit purées and boil again. Strain and reserve cold.

Hazelnut biscuit

Whites 300g
Sugar 100g
Whole hazelnuts 180g
Icing sugar 180g
Roasted hazelnuts 115g

Whip the whites and stiffen with sugar. Make a TPT with the hazelnuts and the icing sugar then sieve. Mix gently using a spatula. Bake at 175ºC/180ºC in a ventilated oven.

Finishing touches

Turn out the frozen bombes. Reserve in the freezer. Make a mixture with icing paste, milk and roasted hazelnuts (10% mixture). Dip the bombes in the hot icing paste.