SweetPearl™: For 100% Well-Being

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logo-sweetpearlPleasure and good health are both part of well-being, but when it comes to food we often have to choose between the two. But what if well-being meant having the best of both worlds? Well now we can, thanks to SweetPearl™: a gourmet product can finally boast its own nutritional qualities, on top of that of SweetPearl™.

Pleasure is part of well-being too! Nutritionists are clear that depriving yourself – especially of sweet foods – can lead to compulsive snacking behaviour.

That means that sweet snacks can play a key role in an everyday balanced diet. Products containing SweetPearl™  make it even easier – they let us indulge in rich and sweet gourmet moments while enjoying all the nutritional benefits not only of the product, but of maltitol as well.

Rediscover food’s natural benefits

By replacing the sugar in food, SweetPearl™ invites us to enjoy their natural benefits by creating a more balanced nutritional profile – with no need for fat or intense sweeteners. The resulting chocolate is naturally rich in magnesium, fiber, polyphenols, etc. Even better, foods contain less sugar and fewer calories – imagine cookies that are a natural source of energy and fiber, but without the sugar!

Some people even whisper that SweetPearl™ also enhances the intense nature of chocolate and reveals the flavors of the grains in our cookies! Why hold back?

Enjoy the health benefits of SweetPearlTM

SweetPearl™ is 100% sugar-free, adding around only half the calories of sugar.

Unlike sugar, it actively promotes oral health by not causing cavities, a benefit often illustrated by the Toothfriendly Tested logo seen stamped on products, including some varieties of sugar-free gum.

SweetPearl™ also contributes to the development of foods that are low on the glycemic index. And because SweetPearl™  is a flavour enhancer, the final recipe or product is not only healthier and better for us, but it tastes even more delicious too!