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Sara Lee Introduces New Sara Lee® Soft & Smooth® Plus Made with DHA Omega-3 Bread

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First Nationally Distributed Bread of Its Kind Provides New Way to Incorporate DHA-Omega 3 into Children’s Diets Sara Lee North American Fresh Bakery today announced the expansion of its successful Soft & Smooth bread line with the introduction of its new Sara Lee® Soft & Smooth Plus breads Made with DHA Omega-3. Based on a growing body of scientific evidence,… Read more »


General Mills hails global cereal venture as success

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Highlighted by compound annual sales growth of 11% since 2005, Cereal Partners Worldwide “ranks as one of the biggest and best new food companies created in the past 20 years,” said Christopher D. O’Leary, executive vice-president and chief operating officer, international, General Mills, Inc. Mr. O’Leary offered an overview of CPW as part of a wide-ranging presentation by General Mills… Read more »


Emulsifiers meet multiple demands

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Natural emulsifiers are taking a larger share of the market, reports Sarah Houlton, with lecithin cornering the lion’s share. But there are even wider alternatives available to manufacturers sourcing emulsifiers for their products. Many different food types, from bread to chocolate to beverages, rely on emulsifiers for their texture and stability. According to Arthi V (her full name is much… Read more »


Nestle optimistic about 2010

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Chocolate giant Nestle is eyeing continued growth in 2010 following stronger-than-anticipated figures for 2009. It has been reported that the Swiss firm posted full year profits of 10.4 billion Swiss francs (£6.2 billion). The firm, which makes brands including Kit Kat and Nescafe, saw growth across a number of sectors, with only bottled water posting a decline, with a sales… Read more »


Cadbury chocolate Fairtrade certified

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Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate will now sport a “Fairtrade” logo on its redesigned packaging, while retaining the smaller block size it switched to last year. The confectionary maker would also increase the amount of cocoa solids in its product, from 21% to 26%. All of the ingredients in the company’s nine Cadbury Dairy Milk products that could be certified “Fairtrade”… Read more »


Study questions sucralose stability in bakery

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Bakery formulators who use ingredients like glycerol or fats should exercise caution when using sucralose, suggests a new study from Canada. Researchers from McGill University report that the chloride in sucralose may chlorinate glycerol to produce chloropropanols; potentially toxic compounds. However, questions remain as to whether such compounds would be formed in actual foods. Speaking to FoodNavigator, lead researcher Dr… Read more »


Layered gels may help sugar reduction

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By controlling the distribution of sugar in a gelled product, the overall sugar concentration may be lowered without affecting the perceived sweetness, says a new study from Sweden. The principle focuses on distributing different sugar concentrations in layers of gelatin within a food product, which could lead to a range of reduced-sugar food products like desserts, jellies, and dairy products,… Read more »


Unilever ‘may have to leave UK’

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Food manufacturer Unilever has threatened that it may be forced to quit the UK under current financial conditions. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Unilever chief executive Paul Polman said that current business conditions, coupled with increasing taxes and regulations, meant the company could become “non-competitive” in the UK. Mr Polman explained: “We do have choices where we put… Read more »