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advanced_enzymes_logoAdvanced Enzymes produces a range of enzyme products suitable for use in baking and fruit juice processing.

Enzymes are globular proteins that serve as catalysts for a range of biological and chemical reactions and have a variety of applications.

Advanced Enzymes’s baking products include the SEBake range of enzymes, which have different effects on specific baked goods and consist of SEBamyl X 50 P, SEBake GFD, SEBake HM, SEBake PR, SEBake PP, SEBake SW, SEBake SB, SEBake Cake Gel, SEBake Premix and SEBake Soft.

Its fruit juice processing enzyme solutions include Pectazyme, Starch Clear and Mashzyme.


The enzymes produced by Advanced Enzymes each have a specialist function and are safe to use.

Each product is eco-friendly and saves energy, as well as being totally biodegradable. Enzymes aid the chemical transformation process by promoting very fast reaction rates under mild conditions.

They are available in liquid or solid forms and only a small amount is needed to prompt the desired effect.

Some of the main types of reactions that enzymes are involved in include oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases and ligases.

In terms of baked goods, enzymes can improve colour, texture, softness, bite and fermentation time.

For fruit juice processing, enzymes can negate some of the properties of naturally occurring pectin – which is responsible for making juice cloudy – to make drinks clearer and easier to produce, as well as improve yield.

Ingredient applications

Advanced Enzymes’s SEBake range of enzymes is specifically geared towards use in baking and baked products.

These enzymes can be used to:

* Enhance the colour of bread crusts and promote extra loaf volume

* Boost production of sweet biscuits and glucose

* Improve the quality of crackers

* Promote biscuit volume and bite

* Enhance the shelf life, colour, volume and texture of sandwich bread

* Improve sweet and milk breads, as well as eggless and egg-containing cake

In the fruit juice processing segment, Advanced Enzymes’s products help to improve the appearance and quality of fruit juice drinks.

These enzymes are mainly used in a wide range of fruit juices, especially apple juice, which can become particularly cloudy if processed using non-enzyme methods.


L C Rathi, the founder of Advanced Enzymes, first pioneered the production of papaya-derived vegetable enzyme Papain in 1958.

He also set up the first natural enzyme plant in India in the same year.

Since 1989, the company has produced a wide range of enzymes based on the original research by L C Rathi, including plant, vegetable, bacterial and fungal enzymes.

Company information

Advanced Enzymes was founded in 1989 as a biotechnology company.

Its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2000 and WHO cGMP-certified and the firm produces more than $100 million worth of probiotics and enzymes every year.

As well as products for the baked goods and fruit juice processing sectors, Advanced Enzymes also makes solutions for animal healthcare and nutrition, brewing and distilling, environment protection, leather processing, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and the processing of starch, tea and textiles.

The company sells its products in more than 30 countries around the world and has clients in over 25 different industries.

Advanced Enzymes is based in Mumbai, India and has its main manufacturing plant in Nasik. Its workforce includes chemical engineers, food technologists, microbiologists, biochemists and biotechnologists.

Its sister company, Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals, is headquartered in California in the US.